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At Atlas, we know that the cleanliness of your facilities has a direct impact on the customer viewpoint, as well as the happiness and productivity of your workforce. That’s why we take it personally.

We see cleaning as a highly visible service that can have a significant impact on any individual’s experience inside a facility or building. It is often used as a measure of how a company is perceived more widely, which is of particular importance to those organisations with a visible public presence.

Now more than ever, it’s critical to have a partner that prioritises the cleanliness and safety of your facilities.


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Cleaning services

Our approach to cleaning is based on delivering a true value for money service that delivers the quality you require. We deliver enhanced cleaning regimes that adhere to the latest government guidance and regulations.

Our people are trained in multiple cleaning disciplines and are always polite, considerate and professionally dressed in branded uniforms. Every cleaning operative is trained in WorldHost-accredited principles of customer service, driving a customer-centric culture at the heart of service delivery.

For each client, we develop a productivity model that reflects industry best practice and sees us put in place the correct size and shape of team from the outset. This in turn dictates the bespoke schedules, specifications, method statements and risk assessments we produce to keep sites compliant, safe and clean.

Although we deliver acknowledged industry standards, such as the colour coding system set by the British Institute of Cleaning Science, we take a process-engineered approach, where any standard or cleaning specification will be met with outstanding standards that are regularly audited for full compliance.

  1. Routine planned cleaning
  2. Reactive cleaning
  3. Periodic cleaning
  4. Hygiene and deep cleaning
  5. Special request cleaning
  6. Janitorial services
  7. Feminine hygiene services
  8. Waste removal and collection

Cleaning Services in Numbers


day and night cleaning service


of employees say we fully use their skills and abilities


cleaning operatives won special "2020 Front-Line Heroes" awards


A level of quality that reflects the client's brand

Since 2014, we delivered facilities services to Fortress Investment Group at its central London headquarters.

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