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Atlas Workplace Services provides high quality facilities management (including engineering, security and cleaning) services to our clients within the UK. We recognise that the health, safety and the well-being of our employees, customers, contractors and visitors is critical to our continued success. We also recognise that maintaining a high standard of health and safety generally not only ensures the organisation fulfils its legal/other requirements and financial assurance but that it is ethically the right thing to do.

To comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act (1974) and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999), we operate a systematic approach to the identification of hazards and the management of risk and opportunities within its operations. We, through our management systems, will ensure statutory compliance is maintained as a minimum standard and our continual improvement programme, aligned to specific health and safety objectives, is designed to keep the company at the forefront of health and safety management. We seek to identify, eliminate and manage hazards and the prevention of work related injury and ill health through suitable risk management, with a proactive approach to health & safety and the provision of adequate resources. This includes a competent team, and a management system that is reviewed and audited.

We consult and communicate with employees on health and safety matters and will provide our people with appropriate training to ensure that they can undertake their responsibilities in a safe, healthy and effective manner. In turn, we expect every employee to undertake their role in a safe and healthy manner.

This policy statement will be reviewed as part of the management review process, communicated to all employees as required and made available on our website.

Andrew Lunt, Managing Director

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