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Atlas Workplace Services is committed to reflecting diversity in our workforce and supporting and promoting equal opportunities in employment. We take every possible step to ensure that no applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment or is disadvantaged by justifiable conditions or requirements, due to their gender, age, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital status or race. We are fully committed to meeting our obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and other human rights legislation.

We believe that it is a key component of good management, as well as being legally required, socially desirable and morally correct, to provide equal opportunities in employment for all. We encourage and support the recruitment, retention and career development of people from a wide range of ethnic, cultural, and social backgrounds. We aim to be an employer that provides an inclusive working culture for everyone.

We take every possible step to ensure that individuals are treated equally and fairly and that decisions on recruitment, selection, promotion, training opportunities, pay, benefits, discipline and career management are based solely on individuals’ merits and abilities, as appropriate to the job and in support of our business goals. This is achieved by the continuous review of workplace policies, practices and behaviours, ensuring these are helping our people to succeed. We are also committed to avoiding unlawful discrimination against our customers, suppliers and others not employed by us.

We promote a work environment that welcomes contributions from all our employees and works to the advantage of our business, our people and the communities in which we operate. We expect our company to be free of harassment, bullying and victimisation and for everyone to be treated with dignity and respect. We have a range of policies and support measures for employees to achieve this.

We do not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment. Any case of discrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation by fellow employees, customers, suppliers or others is dealt with sensitively and in the strictest of confidence. Such acts are viewed as misconduct and dealt with appropriately under the company’s grievance and/or disciplinary procedures.

The leadership and management is committed to fostering an inclusive environment, where employees feel engaged and motivated to succeed. We aim to provide a collaborative, supportive and respectful workplace culture that increases the participation and contribution of all employees and is free of all barriers, discrimination and intolerance.