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We are a Climate Positive Company that is committed to doing good for the world and making a difference for our communities

We are committed to good corporate social responsibility and sustainability. We intend to continuously improve the positive impacts of our business activities on the communities in which we work, the environment, the wider marketplace and the workplace.

Since 2020 we have been certified as Climate Positive, positively contributing to the environment by offsetting more carbon emissions that we produce every year.

We are passionate about delivering excellent service outcomes to our clients and customers with professionalism, integrity, passion and safety.

Our Social Value Committee comprises representatives from across our business and reports directly to the Group Managing Director. It is responsible for putting corporate social responsibility at the heart of our operational practices.

As a company that puts partnership into practice, we work with our clients and supply chain partners to collaborate and enhance our joint impact.

Social Value Pillars


We actively play a role in community engagement through the involvement, skills, knowledge and expertise of people within our business. We believe that giving opportunities to learn or be supported in development provides the community with long-term sustainable support.


Our organisation works to maximise sustainability and minimise the impact of our operations and that of our service partners and suppliers on the environment.


We treat our service partners and suppliers respectfully and with honesty and we collaborate with them to enhance social value. We make purchasing decisions that take into account social and environmental issues.


We care about our people and we are proud to be a diverse organisation. We actively support our employees and are committed to treating everyone equally, fairly, respectfully and honestly.

Recent Social Value Impact

  • Helped the homeless, vulnerable women, and those in need of food charity
  • Supported young people from a diverse range of backgrounds to enter the workplace through work experience and extended placements
  • Increased the number of apprenticeships
  • Went beyond Net Zero by achieving Climate Positive status
  • Achieved over 33% of our supply chain constituted by SMEs
  • Introduced new health and wellbeing offerings to support our people
  • Took positive steps to improve diversity and inclusion in our workforce