Partnership in action

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) awarded a total facilities management contract to Salisbury Group in 2019. We deliver engineering maintenance, security, cleaning, mail room and ancillary support services to CAA sites across the UK.

The CAA is the UK’s specialist aviation regulator and manages licenses, safety and standards for the industry. It protects passengers and the public, in recent years leading on the repatriation of thousands of holidaymakers following the collapses of Monarch and Thomas Cook.

Salisbury was awarded the contract following a 10-year property rationalisation program. This enabled CAA to move from five key service providers to an integrated model, best reflecting their new ways of working.

We designed a total FM solution that focused on strong integration and cultural alignment. We co-located a dedicated contract team inside one of their key buildings to create a one-team approach.

Salisbury CAA Mobilisation Team

Great results for the client

Through our very productive partnership, CAA and Salisbury have achieved:

  • Cost efficiencies
  • Consistent service delivery at each location
  • Technology-driven solution
  • Full visibility and certainty for all compliance items
  • Full CAFM integration
  • Increase in staff morale and engagement
  • Higher levels of productivity