Take-off in sustainability with lighting retrofit

In 2016, Cardiff Airport entrusted Salisbury to deliver an entire airport lighting retrofit. Comprising the replacement of all T5 and T8 halogen strip lights with modern high quality LED lighting, it provided a wide range of environmental and safety benefits across the airport estate:

  • Full and demonstrable compliance with new safety protocols in airport environments
  • Improved lux levels in key passenger facing areas, resulting in lower health and safety risks throughout the airport
  • Increased perception of the cleanliness of the airport and recognition of the infrastructure investment at the airport
  • Substantial carbon emission reductions – the equivalent annual carbon saving of a Boeing 747 flying 590,000 miles
  • 60% savings against previous lighting costs, through better and more sustainable LED lighting

Passenger area illuminated with energy saving LED lights

To achieve these excellent results, we engaged in a rigorous process to ensure that the lighting retrofit would deliver the full range of benefits and represented true value for money for our client. This included a full and detailed site survey, reviewing all areas within the airport’s demise; and a technologically agnostic final proposal that detailed competitive pricing, a guaranteed payback period and guaranteed electricity savings.

Due to our success at Cardiff Airport, Salisbury was awarded a prestigious Lighting Energy Impact Award in November 2018.

Cardiff Airport is owned and operated by the Welsh Assembly. It handles over one million passengers every year and serves 50 direct routes, with in excess of 900 connecting destinations.

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